1.  How much supervision time should I have in a 10 day cycle?

As per the Collective Agreement article 18.06 (b), the maxima of supervision minutes for elementary teachers will be 80 minutes within each period of five instructional days or 160 minutes within a 10-day cycle.  Scheduled supervision duties include, but are not limited to, yard duty, hall duty, bus duty and lunchroom duty.

Furthermore, Article 18.06 (c) states that supervision time for teachers in less than a full-time assignment shall be pro-rated

2.  How much time am I entitled to for lunch?  What if I travel between two schools?

Article 18.01 states that each teacher shall receive an uninterrupted and continuous period of not less than 40 minutes per day for lunch, free from regularly scheduled supervisory or teaching duties.  If you travel between schools on the same day, Article 18.02 states that you shall have adequate time to travel between locations, exclusive of prep time.  If travel must occur during recess or lunch, the teacher will not be assigned supervisory or bus duties beyond the instructional day, except in an emergency.

3.  How much prep time do I get?

Article 18.03 (b) states that preparation time shall be used for professional activities as determined by the teacher and shall be exclusive of morning and afternoon recesses, lunch period, nutrition/fitness breaks, and during the instructional day.  As of August 31, 2012, Article 18.03 (h), a full time teacher is entitled to the equivalent of 240 minutes per cycle of 5 instructional days, or 480 minutes per 10-day cycle.  Prep time is pro-rated for part time teachers.

4.  Do I get preparation time on Professional Activity days?

No.  Article 18.03 (i) of the Collective Agreement states that Professional Activity Days shall not be considered instructional days for the purpose of scheduling preparation time.  In other words, a P.A. day is considered "Day Zero" in the cycle, whereas preparation time is scheduled on a numbered cycle instructional days

5.  Does Policy and Program Memorandum #155 (Diagnostic Assesment in support of student learning) still exist?

Yes, in fact, PPM 155 is referenced in the M.O.U. Please refer to ETFO's Advice for Members: Diagnostic Assesments.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact the ETFO Niagara office.

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