Meet Your Executive

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Take the time to meet the dedicated men and women that form our executive and advocate on your behalf

Released Officers

President - Brian Barker

Vice-President - Jennifer Sims Murray

Vice-President (Female) - Gail Dunn

Executive Members and Area of Responsibility

Treasurer - Christine McGovern - Prince Philip (S)

Secretary - Troy Garrah - Garrison Rd.

Political Action - Lindsay Brennan - Martha Cullimore

Status of Women - Sharon Ethier - Carleton

Equity and Social Justice - Jim Brigham - K.S. Durdan

Professional Development - Sarah Gohm - John Brant

Public Relations - Stephanie Sims - Quaker Road

Social - Cassy Cassidy - Garrison Rd.

Health and Safety - John Stavina - Harriet Tubman

Family of Schools Reps - Laurie Adam (Orchard Park), Jen Irwin (Gainsborough), Tracey Storr (K.S. Durdan), and Paul Waldie (Parnall)

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